Fix-it Friday: Links and Things

What am I fixing this week?

In Monday's post I included a handwriting exercise and tagged three bloggers. I wrote down their names and blog titles, but I neglected to type out that info with links to their blogs so you can check out their awesome blogs. Here you go:

• Anne with WobiSobi
• Amber Lena with Fashion Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire (she also has a 'mom' blog Tao of Twins)
• Lexie with Ready in Five

Another fix: Here is Thursday's outfit (#24) in full

Headband: me, Lime green cardi: Artifacts? (forgot to check), Nordstrom Rack - Black top: Gracie, Alhambra Warehouse - Skirt: Romy - Green/black tights: DKNY, Nordstrom - Flat: Report, Nordstrom Rack - Maine Coon (cat): Moses the Junior Steamboat, Feline Friends (Olympia, WA off Steamboat Island Road exit)

(My Day 25 outfit will be on a separate post later today)
What did you fix this week? Link up (to your specific post)

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  1. LOVE it!! your so Pretty Jen!!! even Moses is looking at you like~ look at my mom isn't she beautiful..

  2. You always have the best accessories, even if they are a little furry :)

  3. I know what you'r saying. It is sooooo hard for me to find things that make me feel 'fashionable'. Thanks for following, I'm now following you too. Love the Pacific Northwest!

  4. Thanks for the comment and follow! It has never been my life's ambition to look like anything from the 80's, but this accident worked out. :)

  5. I'm glad you sourced this even down to the cat!


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