Here a Boot, There a Boot

If this post had a picture of every pair of boots I saw today, this post would have lots of pictures of boots (you thought I was going to say something clever, huh?). Here's just a sampling:

Christi from the Starbucks in our office building. Got the biker boot look.

Renée's got it again. Also a biker boot look. Or maybe more "utilitarian" since that's the description of the season.

My buddy Jaime. Sassy boots. Fun skirt! Don't worry, not real zebra.

This was a result of a co-worker standing for a long time working on a project last week. These have more of the cowgirl look.

I wore my mid-calf tan boots that I featured in my summer boots post with tan patterned net hose and my potato sack skirt (someday I really will make a skirt out of potato sacks).

If you get just one pair of boots this season, I recommend a pair of brown mid-calf ones. Why?
Mid-calf because they go well with either jeans/slacks or skirts/dresses
--I've worn booties with a dress before and it didn't quite look right. I'm not saying it can't be done. It might just be my particular booties because they're square-toed with a thicker heel. They pack more sturdiness in a smaller boot than befits a feminine dress.
--Taller boots also work with jeans/slacks or skirts/dresses, but I like the ease of zipping up shorter boots (remember, I have big calves so squeezing them into tall boots is like squeezing into a pair of jeans that are a size too small or may have shrunk).
Brown because it goes with most everything
--I've seen more and more brown shoes worn with a black outfit
--I don't see many brown outfits with black shoes
--Brown goes better than black with neutral colors
--Wearing gray? Well, you don't have to wear your brown mid-calf boots every day. A gray outfit day is a great day to bust out your gray patent leather platform pumps (my scenario is if you buy only one pair of boots. I didn't say "If you buy only one pair of footwear . . .").

Are you kickin' it with boots this fall? E-mail me a pic!

Tomorrow: Made for Running?


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