A-Pealin' Skirt

Did you think I was going to write about cropped pants? Wrong! 

Yesterday I picked out a wheat tank and teal shrug and wasn't sure if I was going to wear jeans, slacks or a skirt. I decided on a skirt because laundry dictated it. I was going to grab a black skirt because I have a closet full of them. Can never have too many, just like black shoes. Then I saw a skirt that would match my tank and shrug (maybe too much matchy?).

See teal embroidery?

Too matchy? (I was having a bad head day. See my scraggly hair?)

I love this skirt! I got it from Anthropologie years ago and still get compliments on it when I wear it a few times a year. I endearingly call it my potato sack skirt because my brother (I believe) said it looked like a burlap sack. This is awesome in many ways:

• For some reason, over a year ago my boys started asking people, "Do you like potatoes?" Sometimes it was out of the blue. Other times it was in response to "How are you doing today?" Sometimes they would add, "I like potatoes!" (they are soooooo my children)

• Earlier this year a local nursery was having a potato class for their Junior Gardeners. I asked the boys if they were interested in signing up for a potato class. I think my older son repeated my question in a tone that implied "Have you not been listening to our potato question?" We went. We enjoyed potato chips and planted potatoes in starter boxes, and this is what we harvested little over a week ago.

The biggest one is smaller than my fist. I like potatoes!

• We were watching an episode of a cartoon recently where a character was peeling potatoes. What he was saying cracked me up. One thing he said mentioned apples. I told the boys that in French, potato is 'pommes de terre' which translates literally to 'apples of (the) earth.'

If I call this skirt 'le sac pommes de terre' would it sound more fashionable?

Tomorrow: Fashion and spending


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