These Boots are Made for . . . Cold Weather? 

A couple of posts ago I mentioned not wanting to wear boots in warmer weather. I haven't heard of any rule about when to wear boots, but I tend not to wear them in the summer because I tend to run hot. My feet don't take too kindly to that so I wear open-/peep-toes, sandals or flip flops. In other words, footwear with ventilation.   

Last week we had weather in the 80s and 90s and as usual we Northwesteners were wimps. (Am I just speaking for myself?) When it snows 1" the region closes down. But when it rains, we're in our element. Saturday evening some rain came, and Sunday started out with rain. I still wore my strappy heels with my Suzi Chin for Maggy Boutique dress, no jacket and left the umbrella behind.  

While I didn't let the change in weather affect my outfit on Sunday, another day I might have. We have wardrobes for this gray, drizzly, wet weather, so one rainy day in the middle of weeks of dry weather is a good opportunity to break out a cowl neck sweater and A-line skirt. But I didn't. A couple of my friends did dress for the drizzle--including knee-high boots (fashion boots, not rain boots although those can be fashionable nowadays)! I didn't get pics though 

On Monday I had about five minutes to get dressed and out the door. I decided it was a denim day and thought I'd change things up a bit and wear mid-calf boots instead of my platform huaraches (of three years ago).

I'm holding up my pant leg to show my boot. Affordable mid-calf boots by Chinese Laundry

 This is where the hem falls

This is where I would like to have had the hem fall (I'm suddenly thinking of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

My friend Jaime was doing some footwear down-sizing (don't be hatin'!) and I'm bummed because we're about the same size and she had a pair of slouchy knee-high boots that I would like to have snagged. The consolation is that my feet are probably too wide for them. Need breathing room whatever the weather! Plus, don't forget my soccer player calves (width, not muscle). I guess I'll have to pick up a new pair (after my ankle cuff pair, after I feed my children).

Tomorrow: Crop appeal  



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