Hemming and Hawing (is there an echo?)

My husband and I came up with a laundry list of names for my blog--including "Laundry List." Most were play-on words/cliché phrases related to fashion and clothing (but one I threw in to see if he was paying attention). I knew I wouldn't write solely about fashion so I wasn't so sure of those names. Here's the exact list from my notepad:

Ideas for blog names

Random Stylings by Jen
Random Stylings
Clad in madness
War with my wardrobe (sounds like a blog entry)
Walk-out closet (sounds like coming out?)
Since I can't go naked
Dressing up to sit down: Tales of a typing monkey
All dressed up and everywhere to go
Dressed to the 9s-to-5s
More clothes less laundry
More clothes more laundry
More laundry
Laundry in the making
Grilled cheese sandwich

Added after sent Jesh

Laundry list
Gentle cycle

We went back-and-forth with suggestions. He added other names of washer cycles like Permanent Press and others that in the wrong context could be misconstrued as bigoted (think about it). I really wanted to start my blog and not procrastinate. Here I've been saying how I want to get back into copywriting but not doing anything about it. A Copy Manager with my company was so kind as to meet with me and recommended I start a blog. I didn't want to have left all motivated just to slowly slip back into lethargy and keep saying I want to write but not write.  

I needed to decide on a name and get started. No, I didn't think of "Hemming and Hawing" because of the fact that I was doing just that. We had thought of laundry cycles; I moved on to sewing. I thought of 'thread.' It relates to clothing and e-mails which is related to the worldwideInterwebcomputer stuff which houses blogs. But, I thought it was too e-maily. Plus, back in the 90s when some friends were trying to put a band together, I suggested that name because they practiced in the drummer's mom's sewing room. Only I suggested they spell it with two 'D's to add an edge. I moved on.

Another one I thought of also relates to clothing and the fact that I'm hoping my blog includes some hilarity and keeps you . . . (wait for it) . . . 'in stitches.' But, that is the name of a few websites and I believe a blog or two as well. I could look it up but I'm much too lazy.

Then I thought of having my jeans hemmed. As I mentioned, I'm 4'11" so I almost always have to get my jeans/slacks/pants hemmed. I thought of "Hemming and Hawing." A lightbulb went on over my head. (I think one literally did because it was late and everyone was going to bed so I often turn on the hallway light so the house isn't all dark) That was it! Hemming is related to clothing. I have to get things hemmed. Also, I'm often indecisive and wavering. (I think those mean the same thing but I couldn't chose between the two) A blog was born!

Okay, so my two entries so far have been explanations of stuff. I should talk fashion a little.

As if having to buy a step stool to be able to reach the top shelf of my closet isn't punishment enough for being short, I have to pay to get things hemmed. Finding an awesome deal on a pair of jeans is less satisfying when I have to pay another $7, $14, possibly even $21 to get them hemmed. It's sad when even petites sizes are too long. Petites technically go up to 5'4" which from what I see of people around me is actually more of an average height. I suppose if I wore a size 4P, the length might be a little closer to perfect for me. But that size was 13 years and 35 pounds ago.

I did mention that I almost always need to get things hemmed. That's because sometimes I find pants that are the perfect length. Okay, they're usually meant to be cropped pants for someone taller. Sometimes the cropped pants have hems meant for lengths around the knee and look awkward lower. Most times I don't care. I found a pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs cropped jeans that were kinda tapered and met right at my ankles. I had heard that all lengths are acceptable nowadays so I bought them.

Once I had them home and on again, I wasn't so sure. I decided to wear them tucked in cute mid-calf boots. It seemed to work even though the jeans weren't tapered enough to look right. Remember, they were meant to go to the knees of a taller gal. Once warmer weather came and I didn't want to wear boots anymore, I tried wearing them with flats. The combination looked Audrey Hepburn-esque. At least I think so. Someday I will add pics of the jeans with the boots and the flats.

Tomorrow: Fashionable New Grandmas


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  2. Haha, too cute! I think you found your new profession...coming up with blog names for people! :) So glad you linked up to the hop, Jen. You rock! Have a great weekend


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