I See a White Wall and I Want to Paint it Blue

I mentioned beforehand that I wouldn't always write about fashion. I'm keeping to my word with this post (kinda).

For almost ten years we have had white walls in our bedroom. Scratch that. We've had wood paneling painted white. We decided to remove the paneling and check out the walls underneath. They weren't perfect but didn't warrant being knocked out and replaced with new drywall. We patched up as necessary and decided to do a spray texture and choose a darker color to paint.

Not really lovely underneath it all
Can you see the texture?

I wanted a blue/gray color but ended up with more of blue, not so much a gray. It's pretty dark but I like it.

It looks darker than it is
I picked out a light gray paint with a tinge of blue for the trim. Well, it's more of a gray not so much blue at all.

Gray base moulding. I should have taken a picture
of the door. I'm sleepy. Probably the gray day.

So this post isn't very witty or interesting. I'm sleepy. I think I'll go lie down in my blue not gray room with gray not blue trim.

Wait! I have to tie this to fashion. Well, I don't have to but I want to. The lesson in all this is that if it ain't completely broke, fix it. No need to toss away the old and replace with new all the time. Got a hole in your favorite skirt? Patch it up with a cool button (I sense a future post). No need to throw it out and try to replace it with something similar. Okay, not the best tie to fashion. I'd probably patch my skirt and buy a new one. 

Tomorrow: Mix-and-Match  


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