Grandma's Got It

I've been so absorbed in this blog since I started it (okay, it's only been a few days), so it's amazing that I was at a bridal shower with ~45 women and I wasn't focused on taking pictures of different styles. It wasn't for lack of fashionable outfits present, I just finally got out of the zone and was able to concentrate on something else and was able to enjoy the shower.

Then I was in a conversation with a small group of friends when one complemented another on her earrings. My friend said that she bought them because she thought they matched her scarf nicely. I agreed and she asked if they were too match matchy and I responded no. I was back in the zone. I asked if I could take a picture for my new blog. I would like to have taken her picture right then and there in the moment with the group of women in a condo club house serving as a nice background setting. But it was a little too much so we went outside.

Grandma "Née Née" (not sure of spelling)

So, the initial inspiration for taking this pic was her earrings but then I forgot to take a close up to get her earrings. Her scarf is from Africa, but I'm not sure which country and I know she has visited a few. Way to ask questions and do research, right? Her scarf has little discs that look like coins. Her earrings do as well, with a little dangly chain.

I should have asked more about each piece of her outfit; however, I don't always plan to itemize an ensemble. I might sometimes, but other times I will comment on the outfit as a whole. Either way, I feel I'll be better able to describe my thoughts without pre-conceived ideas. (way to justify not asking more questions)

Renée picks up great items in her travels around the country and the world, but she also scores great finds at consignment shops in town. What's great about this tank is that the design on the bib and trim make it versatile to wear alone or wear with a fun patterned cardigan, colorful shrug or a funky short-sleeved or 3/4-length jacket. I'm still not ready to wear leggings with my soccer legs, but she's got them down.

Speaking of patterned cardigans, I was determined to take a pic of Renée today regardless of what she was wearing. I knew it would be cute. She had on a cute yellow floral cardigan with a gray turtleneck. I plan on posting a pic of her holding her 6-month-old granddaughter. Stay tuned! Baby is pretty fashionable rocking some pink knit leggings. Not tights--leg warmers!  

Tomorrow: Ankle-cuffed footwear


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