A New Kind of Wonder Woman

The first time I saw a pair of flats with minimal material over the foot but a big cuff around the ankle, I wasn't so sure of it. To me it looked like the cobbler was working with a design that had material evenly distributed on the shoe but then fell backwards and all of the material shifted to the cuff. Kind of in the vain of a mullet: minimal up front and heavy in back. But in this case it would be party up front, business in the back.

Then I saw my friend wearing a pair that worked. (I apologize for the poor quality of my photos. For now they are taken via my phone, and zoomed in) 
Another friend was wearing a pair of heels with more material in the front and a cuff.

(I thought the way she was standing was perfect for a pic so I snapped away. She didn't know I was taking this picture but I've gotten permission to post. I think.)

I don't know if this style grew on me since it has been a trend for a while. Or, like many things it could have been a matter of liking the concept but not liking a particular delivery. That's probably more like it. It's like being fine with the cupcake craze but not so much a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free one. But then my friends show up with moist yellow cake cupcakes with decadent chocolate frosting. I'm in. (my shout out to Melissa M.).

Now of course I'd like to get a pair, but my shoe budget is low. I bought a pair of gladiator-ish shoes and now I need to feed my children. Not the shoes, although they sometimes eat hamburgers. I just need to shift my spending for now. I digress as usual but have an idea for a future blog. I may not have wrist cuffs that can deflect bullets and save the day, but someday I may have ankle-cuffed shoes to save an outfit.

Tomorrow: Boots weather


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