Pretty Tasty

About a month ago I was at Nordstrom and heard a gal mention maple bacon. I asked if that's a color because nowadays color names are more creative. My hair isn't black, it's raven. My eyes aren't brown, they're mudpie. But, she was truly talking about maple bacon--as a truffle flavor!

Some may think bacon in a truffle sounds gross, even if they love bacon. As I mentioned before, bacon is the new black and it's being used in lots of consumables like donuts and lattés. I had to buy some of these truffles because my boys love bacon.

I got two maple bacon, one dark orange because I didn't know if Augie would want the bacon one and he loves oranges, and one salted caramel truffle pour moi. Augie ended up choosing the orange, so my hubby got the other bacon. We just ate them this weekend and they were as good as new.

The verdict on the Maple Bacon Nordstrom Habits?
My husband: He had to search for the flavor
Desi: (paraphrasing actually)
First nibble--"I can taste the bacon!"
A few more nibbles--(picked out a piece) "There's real bacon in this!"
Concluding nibbles--"That's so weird that this tastes like bacon!"

I'll definitely be buying more! I may try some of the other flavors, but that salted caramel one was delicious and definitely needing an encore. But Encore is a different department at Nordstrom. You'll want to visit At Home for the truffles.

Tomorrow: Wild Card II


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