Sun Gets in Your Eyes

I've heard a few times that Seattle has the highest volume of sales of sunglasses per year. Some may scoff at the idea that a city in this corner of the country that is known for gray days and rain would boast that fact. Often I would go on the defense and say that our annual rainfall is actually lower than other cities because we don't always get downpours, but it rains smaller amounts more days of the year. The liquid sunshine spreads the love! Many like to keep it a secret that the rain isn't really that bad because they don't want population overload. It's all a green screen making people think it rains a lot. Actually, we do have quite a lot of green scenic backdrops.

The theory about sunglasses sales is that since the sun is out less during colder months, we tuck away our sunglasses. When the clouds part and we need our shades, we've forgotten where we put them so we buy new ones. That's not the case for me for a few reasons:
• The sun is always out. It's always in the sky. The smallest glare will prompt my light-sensitive eyes to reach for my sunglasses
• Year-round I keep my shades in their case in my handbag
• My spiffy van has a cubby for sunglasses above the driver-side door
• I repair my sunglasses if they fall apart

I'm being green. Okay, I'm being cheap and recycling by default. Nothing like keeping $10 sunglasses together with paperclips

Meadow in Juicy Couture

Crisma in Christian Dior

I like big frame sunglasses not only because they are reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O, but also because I have a full face and they detract from my cheeks better. I saw a chart once that suggested frame shapes for different face shapes and it showed smaller ones for me. When I tried some on, I was transformed into a chipmunk. Don't get me wrong, chipmunks are cute but when it comes to sunglasses I'd rather transform into a bumblebee. Besides, we need them for our pretty pretty flowers.

Do your eyes have it?

Tomorrow: Camis & Cardis


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