So We Meet Again

As I mentioned the other day, Thursday was the day of our second big meeting for the week. Everyone in my department dresses up everyday for the most part, but we seem to give it that extra effort and step it up for big meetings. Instead of featuring everyone, I thought I'd just pick one outfit and focus on it.

What I love about Hayley's ensemble is that the different elements are either a fall trend, something I've posted about, or something I will post. Here's the breakdown:

Fall features:

Patterned net tights--This is probably the first thing people notice about her outfit. I am a big fan of funky hosiery. I'm glad patterned net stockings are in this fall. They can make a basic black dress look basically fabulous. They are an affordable accessory you can get lots of wear from (just be careful not to snag them like I did my herringbone ones).

Leather jacket--Motorcycle jackets have gotten press lately but leather jackets in general are in. I didn't know she wore this until she was leaving for the day. The outfit I saw her in throughout the day was already great, but add the jacket and it's like adding curling ribbon to a package with an already beautiful bow.

Worn that, said that (and will wear again):

Necklace--I could have featured her layered necklace in yesterday's post, but I already had a bunch. She's got some great necklaces.

Big ring--You know me and the big ring bling thing. I haven't featured her big rings solo yet. (I wore this one by Dazzle Finger today)

Dress--I love dresses! Pullover dresses are the best because they are so comfortable. I don't think this one is a pullover, but it's a dress so it's great. It's business-preppy-chic.

Hair--I did a post about hair flair and she has hair

Fashion forecast: I've got to post this

Handbag--I didn't get the brand of this handbag. I like this gray. I could say more but I'll save it for tomorrow. See, it truly is a future post, and the future is tomorrow!

Black Belt--I tried the decorative belt thing but it didn't last. I'm inspired to try again. I might even throw everyone for a loop (pun not initially intended. Now it is) and try wide and thin belts. (I don't need functional belts :o()

So in summary, Hayley is all that and a bag of chips. Low-fat, non-
hydrogenated oil chips or even fruit chips, but chips none the less.

Tomorrow: Give These Gals a Hand


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