Fashionable or Functional (or Both?)

I tend to go in phases with scarves. I don't mean fall/winter wear them, spring/summer don't. I went through one phase when I saw a gal wear a neckerchief and I decided I wanted to do that and bought a bunch. Then I didn't wear them. Another time I bought a bunch at the Folk Life festival and wore those all the time. Then I stopped wearing them.

Our engagement pictures--almost 14 years ago! Check out my tall hair!

The soft focus

Nowadays I tend to wear thicker knit scarves that are meant more as outerwear for when it's cold out. But even then I'll forget to grab one. I have a few friends who wear scarves as fashion accessories and as functional warmer-uppers, and they wear them well.

Jaime from my first "Wild Card" segment

I am going to try again, but try not to look like I'm trying too hard. Did you try to get that?

I got this at little boutique-y shop in a mall. It was super cheap ($3.99?).

I wasn't sure if I should wrap it around my neck, tie it loosely and just let it hang. I decided to wrap it front-to-back, criss-cross it and wrap it back forward, then pull it gently so the loose ends up front wouldn't hang too low. I think it worked. Or do I look like a bandit who just pulled down her bandana?

Tomorrow: Made for Walking


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