Something About Nothing

This post is something about nothing (but different from the day before). I go back-and-forth, ahem, hem and haw about slowing down my blog posts for a variety of reasons. I thought today might be the first day I wouldn't post, so yesterday's teaser was "Nothing or Something." A while back I considered this same thing and said I could always post a video of my cat doing nothing. Instead here's a picture. It's about the same thing a video would be like.

I had to do a double-take, then had to take a picture. One of my boys put this yak stuffed animal on Moses and Moses just nonchalantly rocked the faux fur look.

I also thought I might stop doing teasers so I could fly by the seat of my pants. But, I like giving myself assignments. It keeps me on my toes. Hmm, I just got ideas for future posts: pants and toes. See, clichés aren't always bad. But sometimes they're so cliché.

Does your cat wear fur? E-mail me a pic!

Tomorrow: Frilly Fun


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