Family Fashion Show

Three weeks ago my mom, brother and aunt left for vacation in the Philippines, and some in our family did a somewhat last-minute get-together at my Aunt Jennie's to send them off on a safe trip. Today they returned with lots of luggage, and a van and SUV trip to the airport was followed by another somewhat last-minute get-together at my Aunt Jennie's to welcome them home. We've come full circle.

My brother shared pictures, they shared stories, and my aunt shared goodies.

Costume jewelry displayed in an orderly fashion if only briefly

I copied my Aunt Jennie by putting these rings on my fingers (just had a flashback to my grunge days). I think these look like sea urchins.

My Aunt Landa. I was her stylist.

My aunt Jennie couldn't decide which she wanted. I think they never left her arm.

Taryn already had the flower in her hair. When I saw these sandals, I thought they were keychains. Taryn saw that they were hairclips and effortlessly put one in her hair.

Our family's version of the Kardashian sisters: Jac (Khloé because she has lighter hair), Kat (Kim because she wanted to be Kim), and Terie (Kourtney because she's the oldest sister). This spoof was a result of my cousin Jac being asked if this was like the Kardashian sisters while she and Kat were at a grocery store.

Tomorrow: Framed


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