Gray That Can Stay

Today was my second attempt at my "Wild Card" segment. I almost forgot until Hanisa e-mailed me about a company event. I figured she was wearing something darling and would be my model for the day.

She is too cute! She's always wearing something fun and fashionable. And, dig her new wedge hairstyle! Does her cardigan from Anthropologie remind you of something else from Anthropologie?

I wasn't sure if she was wearing stirrups or if her leggings are long and she pulled them over her heel. They're stirrups! I didn't capture the actual stirrup feature but got this cute candid pic. It's funny because I often count "1-2-3" even when I'm taking a headless shot. This was truly candid and didn't get the count.

As fall takes its full effect, we in the northwest are dreading the gray and clouds and rain. We're all used to it but we still complain. But I'll take a gray outfit anyday in any shade.

Have you had a gray day? Send me a pic!

Sidepoint: I wore this ring by Dazzle Finger today.

Tomorrow: Another kind of necklace?


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