This Season is What? Red Hot!

I love this elevenses brand skirt from Anthropologie! I got it years ago but it's vintagesque so in theory it should never go out of style. Although anti-vintage fashionistas would disagree (do such exist?). I often wear it with a red top because it has a thin red stripe running through the plaid. I like pulling out the minutest detail.

I'm still being a fraidy cat about asking people on the street, waiting at my bus stop, in a store, or whatever if I can take a picture of them for my blog. A gal waiting for the bus this evening had on a cute red coat with faux fur collar. I don't love the look of fur (except for on its animal owner) so I don't love the look of faux fur either, but the coat was cute. If you can purchase only one major red item this fall, a coat would make a great choice. Regardless of what outfit you're wearing, in the colder months if you have a spectacularly hot coat, that's what most people will see as you're out and about. My friend Jaime pointed that out about coats (and she's got some amazing ones).

If you want just one red accent piece this season to wear occasionally, consider pumps or flats. Unlike a necklace or belt, red shoes won't stand out too much if you wear them two or three days out of the week, but they would make their presence known just enough. Whatever red you choose, no doubt it will be a show stopper.

Have you stopped traffic in red?  e-mail me your pic!

Tomorrow: My Little Pony


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