Wedding Bliss, Hot Kiss, and Siss . . . Boom Bah

More photos I missed in previous posts.

This is a much clearer picture from my parents' wedding day. The one I had previously posted was a camera phone picture taken of a slightly crumpled picture printed from a color printer. This may have been taken simultaneously as the other since they look the same but from different angles.

Again, I love this picture for many reasons:

1) How chic is my grandma in the of-the-moment "Jackie" look?

2) My mom still looks the same to me. I love how she didn't have a bouquet but rather a pinned corsage. I want to say that she has the whole flower pressed in her wedding album, if not some petals. I want to say it's a lily, gardenia, or camellia. Bad daughter.

3) My dad in a white jacket looks like a lounge singer in the time of truly famous lounge singers.

4) My grandpa with his hair slicked back like I always remembered it. Reminds me of Elvis before the whole cape and flared pants days.

5) The Chevy II in the background

6) Their wedding was in November! Gotta love a bright sunny November day in the Puget Sound area.

I picked up my M•A•C Cruela de Vil "Heartless" lipstick this weekend. Battling eVil with good. This isn't quite the true red I was hoping for but I knew that going in. I think I can pull it off though. I just have to get used to wearing bright reds again because I had been trying to tone it down. I mentioned how the slightest smear can make someone look like they just ate a cherry-flavored Popsicle. Another thing that works against me is that red on full lips can make the person look like a clown. Please don't call me "Bozo" or "Chuckles." "Peanut" maybe. No.

When speaking about Back-to-School shopping, I mentioned how we didn't have much money so we didn't get much in the way of new clothes. What I neglected to mention was that I was a cheerleader (didn't want to admit that?) and that helped because I wore my uniform the first day of school, and 2-3 days per week. That helped the lack of wardrobe issue. The hair was another issue. This was before I had discovered hair products and would brush my hair out all frizzy. (I think I was a Senior here?)

My niece is a cheerleader. She's a Sophomore. Her mom sent me a picture from when school first started and I thought I should have mentioned the whole cheerleading thing after all. I shouldn't say that I'm embarassed about having been a cheerleader. Where my niece lives, cheerleading probably is pretty competitive. Maybe I've watched too many cheerleading movies? Plus, another cousin of mine and another cousin's daughter were cheerleaders. I have a feeling there will be more in my extended family.

Tomorrow: Wild Card


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