I See a Primed Wall and I Want it Painted Black (and Red)

Sound familar? It's because I said something similar about painting our bedroom. Okay, and I'm borrowing from the Rolling Stones. As I've mentioned with other posts about our home projects, I may not be speaking fashion but I am talking style. How you decorate your home says a lot about your tastes, and the paint you choose can speak volumes because it's not something you'll necessarily change up every season like you might throw pillows or table runners. Most people will put extra thought into a paint color and select one that will live on the walls through many a movie night and dinner party.

That being said, my husband picked out a paint color yesterday and painted the walls without me seeing the color. Does that contradict everything I just said about painting your home? No, because we had already decided to paint our hallway red, but we hadn't picked out the exact shade. My choice of red for the walls was based on the fact that my brother has an extra can of red paint and I was trying to be cheap. But, Jesh had to paint quickly (long story that a few of my co-workers could relate much to their chagrin probably), and he couldn't pick up the paint from my brother's place. We agreed on brick red and I trusted he would get it right and he did. It's called "Country Red." Jesh is thinking it's implying barn red. Sounds and looks good to me!

Our cat Moses ended up
using his tail as a paintbrush
when we weren't home

Our bedroom door is gray.
I wish I had a good before or during picture so you could see the blood (Jesh hit his head with the crowbar), sweat (uh . . . yeah), and near tears (on my part) that has gone into this project. Then you would truly know how challenging this was. At the same time, I'd rather you just see the finished project because the before was pretty scary. I mean, you wouldn't want to see the before and during process of bacon. You'd just want to see the finished product (and many wouldn't want to see that either). Sorry, I couldn't resist a bacon analogy since bacon is the new black. I mean not to offend.

Opposite the blackboard wall.
We're planning to keep the
utility closet door white like
the bathroom door. I think.

This is a chalkboard wall inspired by my friend.
There are more choices
of chalkboard paint colors,
but we went with old
school blackboard.

I always want to tie our home projects to fashion, so how do I do that this time? We painted some of our walls red and, well, red is in this fall so are you well-red?

Tomorrow: Still Seeing Red


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