A Jacket Worth Meeting

Today I had an annual company meeting to attend and thought I should dress up a little more than usual. I'd say there were 300-350 people in attendance at our session so I don't think anyone would have noticed if I hadn't dressed up. Of course they would have noticed if I showed up in my pajamas, but then maybe I would have started a trend? A girl can dream (and usually does so in her pajamas).

When figuring out what to wear last night, I looked in my closet and my go-to jacket jumped out at me. I always wear this to big meetings. 

I forgot that I also wanted a picture with it unbuttoned. Change of scenery.

This jacket isn't a 'power' jacket but it is dressy and works as a professional, fashionable jacket. I love the bell sleeves on it. They are very playful and add fun to a business look.

Another ring from Dazzle Finger. It looks gray from the side.

Look, it has a light green irridescence! It's smaller than the other rings I got recently but it still grabs attention.

My newest dilemma is what to wear on Thursday for an all-Finance meeting. It's too soon to wear this again. Could it be time to shop for a new go-to jacket? Do you have a go-to jacket? e-mail me a pic!

Tomorrow: Hot Mama


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