Sticking My Neck Out

I decided to give necklaces a try again. I stopped wearing them when I had babies because babies like to pull on things. Looking back, I don't recall my boys being grabby otherwise I would have had bald patches.

It's amazing how when you focus on something, you notice it everywhere. So many gals had on funderful necklaces today. Here's just a sampling.

Me (okay, this was yesterday). I like that this one has no clasp, but when I pulled it over my head to take it off it snagged in my hair.

My mother-in-law with a ribbon-tie necklace

Ariana with glass beads(?) necklace

Meadow in multi-colored glass beads

Me again in some sort of beads, this time not headless.

My friend Jaime also has some beautifun necklaces, but that will have to be another post. That post will probably have as many pictures (or perhaps just inspired her to add to her collection?).

Tomorrow: Fall Trends Worth Meeting


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