The Eyes Have It

We often seem to want what we don't have. I don't mean it in the sense that I would like a footwear collection that comes in every style, height and color of boot, heel, flat, etc. as can fit in my house. Not closet--house.

I mean it as far as wanting the opposite of what we have. Were you the kid in junior high or high school who had to wear headgear to school? Or were you the kid who had perfect teeth but wanted braces because you felt like it was some sort of teenage rite of passage? Are you someone who has worn glasses for as long as you can remember? Or are you someone with 'normal' or better vision who always wanted glasses because you felt that they would make you look smarter or more sophisticated? I always thought glasses looked cool.

S. usually wears contacts but today she had on her Ted Baker glasses in perfect timing with today's post.

Crisma wears glasses in front of the computer. Hers are reading glasses with cute hearts on the side from the Nordstrom Rack.

I wear glasses for computer use. I was getting headaches everyday and figured it was the glare from the monitor. I adjusted the brightness but that didn't help. I decided to see an eye doctor to see if I could correct things with glasses. My vision is 20/20, but a slight astigmatism affected my clarity. Something like that. This isn't an Opthamology lesson. These are Rampage glasses.

Next time someone says that they want my hair, I won't respond "Well, I wish I had straight hair." Instead I'll take the compliment and thank the person. I won't desire what I don't have. The grass may be greener on the other side, but I have flowers and herbs.

Tomorrow: Wild Card III


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