Hot Lips

So red is on our hallway walls and it's also in for fall. When I started seeing red in magazines, I thought of wearing red lipstick again. Not because it's an economical way of adding red to my wardrobe, but because it's been a while since I've worn true red and I could use that pop. (although the slightest smear could make a person look like they just ate a cherry-flavored Popsicle)
M•A•C has a red right now with Cruella de Vil on the tube. I'm thinking of getting it even though I don't know if it's the right red for me. But, when I go gray I want a streak like hers. Actually, just as she's a fictional character, I hope gray hair is fictional for me.

Or I might get Baby's on Fire (just discovered it)
I might also get Ruby Woo because it's a good true red for darker skin (no pic, but I may model it later).
Red is a great color for several pieces in your wardrobe, but it's so bold and daring you wouldn't want to wear it all at once. In that same vein I won't discuss red all in one post. Red can be a great accent color that in small doses still stands out. And my accent of choice will be red lips. Stayed tuned for a pic.

Do you have hot lips? e-mail me!

Tomorrow: Red is a Primary Color--For Your Fall Wardrobe!


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