What are jeggings? Jean leggings, or rather leggings that look like denim. This isn't a shout out to my cousin Lino because he wears them. He doesn't. It's a shout out because when I mentioned my blog he asked what I think of them. At first I asked what they were because even though they sounded familiar, I forgot. When he explained I laughed because an assistant buyer whom I've never met in-person recommended I check out similar leggings. I let out a little laugh upon this suggestion and reminded her that she's never seen me and I have big legs. She was such a convincing salesperson, I was almost sold. I would have gone for black of course because it's slimming--or at least less unforgiving.

So can only those who can get away with skinny jeans get away with jeggings? In other words, skinny people? That was my first thought obviously, considering my reaction to someone suggesting I get some. But really, if someone with curvier legs wants a pair, I say go for it! Be comfortable in your skin. One word of advice though, pick a size that will flatter not splatter. I used to be hung up on size but when I went a size up and wasn't bursting at the seams, I actually got more compliments and more people asking if I had lost weight.

Since I don't have a pair to model for you, I looked for some pics online but found tons of jeans trying to look like leggings. One and the same? I don't think so because jeggings don't have pockets or belt loops. I'm not sure though because I just read that jeggings are jeans trying to look like leggings. I thought those were just called skinny pants? I'm so confused. Maybe we should call those skants.

Can you be our jeggings model?

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