Talk About Dem Boots

(This post requires a review of yesterday's post's pictures)

First of all, I should have cropped the picture with my Marc by Marc Jacobs jeans. At least trimmed the tummy. I mentioned these jeans in my second post when I was discussing the title of my blog and my need for hemming. These are meant to be cropped on others, but on me they come right to the ankle. They are a weird length for me and look best either with flats or tucked in boots.

In the other picture, I was trying the brown boot with black outfit combo I mentioned in my recent boot post. The picture doesn't show the contrast very well, but then again my boots are a dark chocolate brown. I thought it worked. No one said otherwise, so that's a pass, right?

I noticed some cracks in the pleather of my boots. Then I noticed it along the seam. Add to that the fact that the zipper of my right boot is broken and I've had to improvise with a pin of sorts in order to zip up and down, and it appears to be time for a new pair of tall brown boots. I really don't want to resort to duct tape.

Perhaps I should take my own advice, again from my last boots post. Note to self: should only purchase one new pair of boots this fall. Make it a pair of mid-calf brown boots.

I like these. Practical, look comfortable, and still stylish. The style name is "Goody" which makes it even better because I can tend to be a goody two-shoes. Might as well make it "Goody" two-boots.

Tomorrow: Nothing or maybe something


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