Lots of Room Up Your Sleeve

I thought I'd finally discuss another fashion term. My first "Fashion 101" post was about raglan sleeves. A fashion term I've heard a bit lately also has to do with sleeves--dolman. It sounds like a name that could have been inspired by a person with that surname. My other thought was that it is a word of significance in another language. Apparently the latter idea is closer to the origins. According to fashionencyclopedia.com, the dolman is a garment worn in Turkey and other parts of the Middle East and the dolman sleeve design was borrowed from this garment. When I initially read its characteristics a while back, I thought the sweater I wore today was an example of dolman sleeves.

I had a not so happy expression for some reason so I cropped out my head.

When I reread the description of dolman sleeves, I discovered that the armholes of these sleeves sometimes go as low as the waist. I imagined something totally different from my sweater and searched for a picture to bring my imagination to reality.

I found this top with dolman sleeves

As I looked at more pictures, I realized that I have a couple of tops with dolman sleeves which both have cowl necks. Cowl neck: sounds like a good term to discuss in my next Fashion 101 post. Until then, class dismissed.

My chocolate brown top looks like this top

Tomorrow: Missed Photo Ops: IV


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