Much Ado About Dos

I'd say my hair is curlier than wavy, but not Shirley Temple ringlets (I think those might have been fabricated. I know her mom always did the same number of curls). My hair has a mind of its own and can be a beast one day and actually kind of a beauty another day. I can't really take credit for either because I don't do much to style it. Here's my typical routine:

On a hairwashing day: Take off my towel, slap on some styling product and scrunch it up a little. I run out the door with it mostly wet (don't tell my mom) and the combination of my moving around, the breeze/wind, and time help dry and style it. 

On a non-hairwashing day: When I get up, I put it in a clip--if it's not in one already--so I can get ready. When I'm all ready, I may take it down and see if it looks decent. If not I'll put it back up. Somedays it doesn't come down until I'm in the van or even the bus because I've forgotten to do anything with it. 

Rewind to when I worked on the retail sales floor. I used to spend time on my hair because I was in public and I cared about what I looked like. Not that my co-workers are chopped liver (yuck), but at work my audience most of the time are my dual monitors and they don't seem to care what I look like. I used to wear pretty decorative combs (think 1940s), bejeweled bobby pins and stylish headbands. 

Earlier this week my co-worker Crisma had her hair in a cute side twist with a floral tie in it. 

So darling, it inspired this post.

Well the next day she wore a long ponytail with another cute floral rubberband.

Looks like plumeria?

This reminded me of my friend Sonia's hairstyle from a fiesta. 

Now she has ringlets when her hair is au naturale.
I'll see if I can post the whole pic because she looks
so cute and you can see her hair better.

Then I remembered that someone stuck a flower in my hair and I wore it the next day.

Now I'm motivated to style my coif more. Call it a wild hair. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow: Missed Photo Ops   


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