10s Are the New 70s

Circa 1974. Check out the box on
my cousin Terie's lap. Could it be
"The Partridge Family?" I almost
match the couch.
I keep having flashbacks! Actually, the fashion world has been. I'm sure it's not for lack of creativity. In fact, it's probably a welcome challenge for designers to take styles from the past and upgrade, outdo, and completely overhaul without losing that touch that made them iconic. Will we see fringed vests and headbands everywhere? I hope not, but only because I'm envisioning those features from the past, not as how designers of today could funkify them, and make even skeptics get down and groovy with the Hendrix or Sonny and Cher look.

So, apparently 70s fashion is in. Of course the first thing I thought of was bellbottoms, but flared pantlegs have been in for many years now. Then I thought of polyester, but I've been amazed at how many items I own that I thought were satin or even silk are actually polyester. I guess I'm thinking of the thick polyester of the 70s.

What exactly is being featured from that decade? It sounds like everything. Is it a female mechanic? No, it's just a lady wearing a jumpsuit. And, there's a disco queen. Quick, grab me my roller skates!

Here are a couple of looks I like inspired by the decade that brought you "Welcome Back Kotter", Shrinky Dinks, and . . . me!
Ella Moss 'Cassandra' JumpsuitDiane von Furstenberg Belted Woven Romper

Show me your 70s!

Tomorrow: Top Center to Block


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