Rubberband, Man

(Okay, so the song "Rubberband Man" by The Spinners was from the 70s, but just work with me here)

Another trend from the 80s that has returned is the rubberband bracelet. Only it's not called or considered a bracelet, it's a band and it's big with boys and girls. The upgrade is that these have shapes. 

How cool is the "Flying V"?
Sent this pic and told him
he was getting five packs.
His response was, "Oooooh!"

I'm such a pushover so I took my older son to the store to look for them. I promised my sick younger son that I would take a picture of the selection and e-mail it to my husband and he could choose what he wanted. I was anticipating breaking the bank, but they were 12 in a pack for $1!

We got two of each pack so each of my boys are rocking (new waving?) 59 (each had a casualty). 

Augie had his on his left wrist, but I told 
him he should wear them on his right
since he writes with his left. Otherwise,
he might ruin them. Not that I don't
expect that to happen with active boys.

Desi two-wristed 
I wish I had pics of me popping my Madonnawannabe look. Then again, I feel kind of "Borderline" about that idea. I mean, you might wonder, "Who's That Girl?"  

Tomorrow: Show Me, Show Me, Show Me


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