From Fuzzy to Smooth

Am I talking about my hair when I get it flatironed? No, but it's an apt description. I'm actually not talking anything fashion-related, but I am talking style. Flooring style.

Two months ago instead of going anywhere for our weeklong vacation, we stayed home--literally. I think I left the house once before the week was through. "Why?" you ask. It's best explained with pictures.

Before (previous owners chose,
not my five-year-old self)

After! (Floor moulding is installed currently)
We decided to rip up our pink carpet to lay down solid oak hardwood. Now we have no carpet downstairs. Yay! We also redid the walls.

It's amazing how much fun shopping at home improvement stores can be. Shopping for home decor is like shopping for a wardrobe for your home. Although, some items like floors and doors are most likely not going to change up often. These are the bigger ticket items that you might want to test and feel and mull over before making a commitment, like you would with fine jewelry. Light fixtures and light switch covers might be quicker choices at less of an investment, like costume jewelry. I guess the pink carpet was the fashion jewelry that was pretty enough, but not brilliant and timeless. Let's hope the solid oak floors shine!

Tomorrow: Assymmetry


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