A Thousand Words

There are a few pics missed that I wanted to put on a new post and link back instead of add to the old post and hope people reread the post. One of these posts was about fashionable grandmas.

I wanted permission from baby's mom to post a pic of baby. If there's one thing I remember from my "Communications Law" class (and it really is the only thing I remember) is that if someone is in public, they are free rein to have their picture taken and published. (The paparazzi know this, huh?) Even though this was taken in a place open to the public, I though it a courtesy to ask, especially since baby is a minor. I'm such a mom.

Baby Jaxon has on pink ruffled leg warmers
On Wednesday I discussed mixing patterns. I've been mixing textures for a while, but not so much patterns because I don't have a whole lot of non-solids. The next day I did both.

The top is a shiny polyester in floral design and the cardigan is a multi-shade of blue knit. What you can't see too clearly in this pic is the colors of blue I have going on. The top has more of an aqua blue whereas the knit is more turquoise. Po-TA-tos, po-TAH-toes? Maybe. (I like potatoes)

There are more pics I want to capture so this will have a sequel if not become a segment.

Being that I have the gift of gab, is it amazing that I didn't reach 1,000 words in this post? Oh, but I did!

Tomorrow: Back-to-School Shopping 


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