Saturday, September 18, 2010

All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go

My boys after the wedding we attended today. We were full from the delicious food and exhausted from busting our moves on the dance floor. 
I was right about what they were going
to wear. Probably because I usually
pick out their clothes for such occasions.

I didn't get a picture of myself at the wedding but I have this pic I took to send my friend for her opinion. 

I wore this with a cream shell
which dressed it up more
I had wanted to shop for a dress at the Nordstrom Rack. However, my schedule Friday night after work didn't allow for it and I wouldn't be myself if I hadn't waited until the last minute. I had an errand to run at Target, I saw a sale sign in apparel that mentioned 75% off, and I thought I'd check it out. You know me and bargains. Plus, I've recently realized that I'm keen on ruffles. I am not a fashion diva and will tell everyone where I got my dress each time I wear it and how much it cost: $9.98+tax.

Just like at the bridal shower there was no shortage of outfits I could have photographed but my focus was on the wedding, not my blog. And so was the focus of the 200+ there.  

Tomorrow: Just My Style       

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