Spring Forward, Fall Behind

Okay, so today is the actual first day of Fashion Week. Were my guesses even close? It's too early to tell, but I'm sure the answer is regrettably "No!". I'm holding out for chiffon though. It's so perty.

I have to keep reminding myself that even though it's almost fall (why do people think summer ends when school starts?), Fashion Week is showcasing Spring 2011 looks. Fall looks were showcased in the February Fashion Week and in theory soon (get it? There won't be a quiz later). With the recent typical Northwest weather, I don't mind thinking about spring. But that's wet and cold, too. 

Obviously I'm not located in New York and my blog income ($0) wasn't enough to send me there, so I don't have first-hand, eyewitness information. Thanks to the information superhighweb, I've peeked at some articles but again it's early to tell. One thing I noticed in a few articles is that full-figured models--the more acceptable way to say "plus size"--will make the runway exclusively for the first time. Some designers have featured curvier women in their shows recently, but this show will be all about full-figured models. So, regardless of what trends are showcased and which ones actually stick, at least I have that one down.    

Tomorrow: Flowy Open-front Cardigans      


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