Left of Center

I was trying to figure out how to tie the subject of laying down hardwood floors to fashion, this being (attempting to be) a blog about fashion and all. In my post yesterday I had an analogy involving jewelry. My first thought was asymmetry. Home improvement has more correlations to fashion than I would have thought. I decided to make today's post a part two of sorts.

The reason I thought of asymmetry is because of the pattern you should follow when laying down the wood. The seams should be at least six inches apart from one row of planks (slats?) to the next. I was trying to follow that pattern three rows worth but it was getting to be too difficult.

Augie was good at designing
the patterns. I think because
he is puzzle boy.

I wore this today to fit my blog.
I've always preferred asymmetry. Is it because I'm a little off? If center is normal, does that make me average? Or is center average, so I'm above-average? Below-average? Whatever the case asymmetry is off the hook! Or at least off-center.

When I tried on and bought this tank,
I somehow aligned it symmetrically.
How happy I was when I discovered
that when the seams are in their
correct position, it's asymmetrical!

Tomorrow: She's Got Legs (and Leggings)


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