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Remember how fun it was to do the 30 for 30 Challenge created by Kendi Everyday? How it built a great sense of community among bloggers?

Now I'm doing Project ReStyle which is making me try to be handy/crafty/creative. I know a lot of you out there are already great DIYers/repurposers/Superwomen, but isn't it great to have a centralized place to see everyone's projects?

There's a Petite Fashion Challenge in which I plan to participate someday, and others like Jewelscapes and A Taste of T who have Linky parties on their posts.

All of these are great ways to meet other bloggers, see what they're up to, borrow ideas from them, share your ideas, etc. Over the weekend I was thinking about other ways to do this, other ideas to have a blogger get-together. Then I came up with a brilliant idea! Well, an idea anyway.

I am still working on the presentation of the idea and a button. Everyone likes buttons! They help keep us warm, they help accessorize, they keep us together. Or is it supposed to be like a button you push to activate something? Well, I'm working on a button that can keep us bloggers together and activate something.

So, stay tuned for my idea. I will mention this for the next few days as a means of stalling while I get organized, and to get the word out and hopefully get an idea of who is willing to take the plunge before even knowing what it is. No worries, it won't hurt and it won't cost money.

In the mean time, enjoy my blooper from yesterday. I didn't notice this until lunchtime. I hope the people sitting across from me on the bus ride in to work and back home enjoyed this. That, or my music which apparently everyone could hear because my earphones weren't plugged in all the way. Nice!

At least they're both black net
Tomorrow: More Teasing but Hopefully Not at Anyone's Expense


  1. Hey!

    The easiest thing to do is to replace the image URL (the part where it says "IMG=blahblahblah.jpg" in the code) Petite Fashion Challenge's image URL on the left side bar on my site. You can do that by right clicking (if you have Windows) on the image and scrolling down to properties.


  2. just had to say that your comment on my blog about liars getting the lake made me laugh out loud!!! :)


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