Pick a Decade, Any Decade

Does the headband and white cardigan lend a 50s/60s vibe to my outfit? But then you have the "Silly Bandz" necklace and bracelet that Augie assembled for me which is a modern trend borrowed from the 80s.

Look, Kinsey, my phone case is your schools' colors. The bottom used to be orange (Augie's favorite color), but it broke so I took the black from my husband's old case which broke on top. So now I have gold (yellow is Desi's fave color) and black. I'm such a boys' mama.

30 for 30 reflection:

I wish I had added a button-up cardigan to my 30. I sometimes say button-down because that's what I grew up saying. Now I'll say one or the other and not remember which is correct. But, really, should one be incorrect? Wikipedia says so, but we all know that anyone can edit that, right? I usually start from the top and button down, So there.

Tomorrow: Dressing Down


  1. Wooo you have some of my school spirit!!!

  2. super cute! up or down, it's all good to me too. thanks a lot for your comment lades and wowness that you've included me on your blog roll. thanks bunches. ♥

  3. I always say button-down!

    Thanks for reading my blog, that does mean a lot to me : )
    I had Mexican at a random restaurant near the interstate (maybe Bellevue?), on our drive to Whidbey Island. We stayed there a few days with family. I absolutely loved the Northwest!

  4. I had that headband! But it has disappeared into the ether, sadly. Love your white and green combo here.

  5. I actually think it's the earrings that make it look 60s! Otherwise I might say 50s. Either way I dig it. :)


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