Late with the Layers

Mimi with Aesthetic Lounge started a feature called Many Layers Monday (see her button on my sidebar).

Dusty rose tank, BP. (Nordstrom) - Sheer black floral ruffle blouse, Romy - Coral ruffle jacket, Caslon (Nordstrom Rack) - Black skirt, Nine West (Nordstrom) - black zipper-bow ruffle flats, Report (Norfstrom Rack)

I wore this today so I could link up with Many Layers Monday. Yes, I know it's Tuesday but remember I run on (everyone together now) Filipino time. I wonder if "time" should be capitalized since it is a documented phenomena and quite possibly an official name. Happy Hour is capitalized. I suppose Filipino Time should be. I'm not saying they are one and the same. I'm not saying they're not.

The Desi. I'm quite sure I'm saying, "Whatever, who cares?" regarding whether or not any pictures would be worth posting. I'm also saying that because it's quite possible our neighbors across the street viewed our photo session.

The Desi in its truest form. Yes, his finger is in both pics.


  1. Look at you wearing 3 layers! You go with your bad self!!! Bad as in slang for cool;) I love the bright pink jacket, now I want one. Oh and yes, these pictures are post-worthy you must be saying :who cares that my neighbors are watching?" When I take my photos outside, i have A MILLION pple walking by at all times, and they sometimes walk in front of the camera, because this is new york and their thinking the same thing: Who cares?

    OH, and your pic on my blog is linked to flicker, link it back to this specific blog post instead so my readers can come visit your blog;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. Very cute! I love BP from Nordstrom's, they are the best :)

  3. cute floral top.. and love those movie star sun glasses!!! I love your posts, always so fun!!!

  4. Adorable layers!

    Also if you're interested, Keely and I have announced the next Fashion Challenge here:


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