Summerless in Seattle

Okay, so the sun ended up coming out today. Fog this morning? Really? I'm so over this autummer!

I bought these gladiator sandals last year but didn't wear them much because the strap cuts right before my pinky toe. It's annoying! (can you tell I'm having a Monday kind of Monday?) Now I don't care if my pinky toes are footloose (pun intended) and fancy free. Looks funny, but whatever!

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Is it Friday yet?


  1. Love that pop of red! Sorry to hear you guys aren't getting any sunny weather...

    After reading this post, I immediately thought of three songs:

    1. Monday, Monday []
    2. Manic Monday []
    3. Friday I'm in Love []

    Hope you enjoy them. ;D

  2. really like the red sweater!

  3. cute outfit.. the dress looks awesome on you!! HEY< I am coming to Seattle this weekend!! wont have time for anything other than my course but thought I for sure should tell you!! will be down again in a few months so maybe we could meet for coffee!! oxo J

  4. Love the cropped red jacket. Totally works for hot weather. I may need to find something like that to help me continue and switch up my layer ideas for summer!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  5. love the red and white combo! I also love your blog subtitle (not sure if that's what they're called?)

    I'm hatin' our summer weather here in Seattle right now too. Like the thunder and lighting on Monday... for realz?!


  6. Summerless sounds like HEAVEN compared to this non stop triple digit weather. It's been far too long since I've said hi. So hi!!!

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  7. I will take some of your fog and give you some of my hot. How about a trade?

    Love the full skirt!

  8. I love the detailing on your skirt! Very pretty!

  9. Sorry those shoes are very comfortable... but you look very pretty in this outfit! love the bright red cardi.

  10. cute outfit--love the skirt!
    all i have to say about your weather glad you don't live in texas. it was 110 here this week--i am SO ready for fall, winter, blizzards, whatever!


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