Did Someone Say Challenge?

The new Desi

What's the best way to coax me out of hiding? A blog challenge! Megan with Megan Mae Daily is co-hosting a Summer Trends blog challenge with Keely of Casual Chic Kiki. I participated in their Super Stripes Week in March. I didn't realize I had so many striped items! I completely missed their Fruit spring challenge because I was hiding under a rock.

Monday's Challenge: Stripe and Floral Mix

I've wanted to pattern mix more but I keep falling back to matchy-matchy. Does this work?

I had to take upclose pictures because Desi was having too much fun with his new photography mad skills.

I'm also linking up to Many Layers Monday with Mimi at Aesthetic Lounge.

I don't think I'll end up participating in every day of this Summer Trends challenge, but I guarantee I'll post more this week than I have in the past two weeks combined! Maybe I'll even get around to checking out your blogs and commenting. Jen HaHA just may be back! (I did not just speak of myself in third person, did I?)


  1. I love the dainty florals paired with your striped top! Good job :)

  2. Waering stripes and floral together can be shocking, but I love how you used a similar palette in the prints, it makes to whole thing work very well together !

  3. missed you while you were under that rock.
    today's outfit is great... a nice subtle take on the stripe/pattern challenge.

  4. This is a perfect take on stripes and florals. Subtle, but very pretty. Thanks for joining us this time!

  5. I agree with Megan. Subtle, but very pretty together.

  6. love these pictures and outfit! The movement in the pictures is cool :)

    xx London

  7. Subtle is a great way to start if your not used to pattern mixing anyway! I think it looks awesome! I like this challenge a lot and might have to join in. And of coarse, I think the cardi over the shirt makes the outfit more interesting to begin with because I'm obsessed with layers...although it is super hot here!! All the wishing for sunshine and now I'm complaining about the heat...go figure!!

    Aesthetic Lounge


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