Eclectic Ethnic

I like how this pic shows the fullness of my skirt; however, I had a funny expression so I had to crop my head.

Summer Trends Fashion Challenge
Thursday Theme: Eclectic Prints

I couldn't remember if the theme was eclectic or ethnic so I chose a skirt that I think fits both. But really, how does one define ethnic? This skirt reminds me of Middle Eastern architecture. It kind of reminds me of French fleur de lis. And chandeliers. And lace. This is one hardworking skirt! I don't know if this truly fits the eclectic print theme. If not, I can do some fun fancy photo app distortions.

Really, no one could tell me my hair was sticking up? It looks like it's windy but it's not!

I turned my head and still my hair didn't budge? I guess that was some heavy duty anti-climate hairspray. Yes, anti-climate because it lightly rained today. Seriously?


  1. Love this skirt on you, and love how you paired it with the blue!

  2. Love this skirt! So pretty! I also love that you worked another bright color into your outfit. Gorgeous!

  3. Lovely outfit! The skirt is fabulous.

  4. Great outfit! It's like Sunshine for an otherwise dreary July day. I was wishing for tights... how wrong is that?

  5. Love this skirt! It is beautiful and I love the fullness of it. You can twirl!

  6. Gorgeous! I adore that skirt and love the color pairing of orange and blue. So fresh and summery. This is a fantastic outfit on you.

  7. Hey Jen! I think this is my favorite outfit on you yet! I love the colors and the fullness of the skirt. You look great! Also, thank you for being a supporter an participant in Many Layers Monday. Your such a good blogger buddy;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  8. i love this skirt! it's a great print and color. i like how you paired it with the turquoise shirt too! very very cute! and your hair is awesome.

  9. I love that skirt!! I love the phrase, "... so I cropped my head." hahhaha! Awesome.


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