Sparkle and Shine

(Yes, I realize now that tucking in was not a good choice)

Wednesday: Sparkles for Day

The Wednesday theme for the Summer Trends blog challenge with Megan and Keely has helped me add some sparkle to our gloomy summer. Okay, you can't see the sparkle very well with my fruit phone camera. I featured this top In a post during the winter. Appropriate since our weather is wintery. Check it out.

Also check out the other participants of this challenge by pressing this badge. Make sure to click my link to come back :D

I should have taken a pic of my outfit from Friday because it was more blingity sparkleness.

I usually wouldn't wear all black during the summer but it's more like late winter/early spring around here. Rain? Seriously? Where is my two weeks of summer? It usually comes in mid-July. Wait, it's not quite the halfway point yet. Perhaps I should be patient.


  1. I had a little panic last night wondering if this is really all the summer we're going to get. It's pretty ridiculous!


  2. I like this all black outfit. The monochromatic look is very chic in my opinion.

    Sorry to hear about your crappy weather! Hopefully you will get some sun soon :)

  3. Adorable sparkles. The monochrome look makes you look tall and lean. I like the top tucked in. I think it looks very chic and sleek.

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  5. I agree with Megan on this one. I like the tucked top. And the sparkle details.

  6. I like that neckline on you as well and black is a good color on you. although I have heard that black is not actually a color :)
    xo J


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