Many Layers, Many Faces

Linking up to Many Layers Monday with Mimi from Aesthetic Lounge. Yes, it's Tuesday but you know on what time I run.

I still feel funny getting my picture taken so this group of pictures is brought to you by Awkward Jen. Also sponsored by TinyGoatStudios :D


"Dear in Headlights"

"Je Suis Mime (pas Mimi)"

"Kissy Poo"

I feel awkward having my picture taken, yet I post four of them. Go figure!


  1. I like your cardigan. And your awkward photos. You still manage to look pretty cute. :)


  2. Your posts always make me laugh! I LOVE your pictures because you always show personality. I just stand there and look like a wannabe model who has no clue what to do in front of the camera either! I guess jeweled tops were "in" this week since we are both wearing them in our the look;)

    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. You need to be a comedian with those priceless expressions.

  4. Love this. Whoever came up with this is brilliant!


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