Thinking Outside of the Cardigan

Does it look like I jumped the fence to a junkyard? This is our broke down motorcycle in our backyard. We stylin'!

I have to wear sleeves at work, so my usual solution to a sleeveless top is throwing on a cardigan. I forget about layering underneath and rocking the faux vest look. I don't think that's a term but I like to say "faux" parce que j'aime practicing my French.

Today I'm linking up with Mimi from Aesthetic Lounge for Many Layers Monday. Yesterday I mentioned that my hubby and I are making jewelry like everyone and their mothers. Well, Mimi isn't included in that because she makes REAL jewelry. She is a professional whereas hubby and I are amateurs. I'm okay with mediocrity. Although, we have made a business out of it, so can we call ourselves professional? We like our stuff and apparently others do as well. Whatever the case, we're having a good time. Our pictures are mediocre though.


  1. At least you're enjoying making jewelry and earning from it! Who knows, it might become a REAL business, too. :)

  2. the sequin is nice! and ya I gotta wear sleeves for work too, you did a great job for the rule though :D

  3. You are so sweet to say that! Thank you!!! I love this look on you. Its one of the edgier outfits I've seen on you!!!! And you look great:)
    I'm sorry the link wasn't working last week. Maybe try to post this outfit this week?

  4. BTW, you can definitely say your professional!! And I love the name "tiny goat studios" soooooo cute;)


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