We Had Spring on Wednesday!

And, on Thursday I'm the guest blogger on A Taste of T while Tanya is preparing to have little Maddi Mae. Check it out! And, check out Tanya's previous posts because she's pretty hilarious! Don't worry, the link back to my blog is on the post so you can come right back.

Spring = Wear a white skirt and no hose

I don't love pictures of my facial profile (or my I look five-months-pregnant-but-that's-just-all-the-cheese-I-eat body profile), but I included this to further prove how weird I am about making sure no one sees my "photo session". Quite silly really, especially since I'm looking toward where two hedges form a corner blocking me from view.

Aqua/green top, Ann Taylor Loft - White skirt, brand? (a cute boutique on a corner in Victoria BC) - Pink metallic flats, Ecco (Nordstrom)

Okay, you back from A Taste of T? Yeah, I'm pretty surprised at myself for my caption because I'm pretty much a goody two-shoes. I tried to get pics of my co-workers at Pike Place Market but none of the pics screamed "Insert funny caption." So I sucked it up and posed in a public area. It could have been a much better pose, but I just couldn't hold it and would start laughing and feeling like a spectacle.


  1. pretty skirt with that belt ;D and lol about being too conscious with your photo session haha :D

  2. you are so funny! don't worry about public photo shoots, you look great! i really love the color combo-it feels so springy! also, i really enjoyed your guest post! :)


  3. Hey Miss Jen girl... your photos are always fun so dont worry about that.. and I am really getting to the point where I dont care about people gawking at me in public places.. maybe they will begin to think I am someone famous.. LOL same goes with you.. you could be hosting a TLC series or something for all they know!!

    Whats with this supposed Spring though??? I had to wear boots yesterday... and rain today.. what is with this????

    HEY GUESS WHAT? I may be coming to Seattle in June for a weekend course.. i will let you know if I do.. maybe we could do a photoshoot together... that would be totally fun!!!
    xoxo Jodi

  4. I think you're a little nuts because your profile is fab. I'm loving the white and turquoise together - summer is just around the corner, Pacific Northwest style!

    P.S.: I have given your adverb question a lot of thought. I'm not sure what I could write about them, grammar-wise, aside from the fact that adjectives are often used instead of adverbs. I love adverbs and use them quite a bit. Some writers find them superfluous and I agree that one shouldn't abuse them. Please let me know what exactly it is that you wish to read about them (yeah, I'm taking requests!).

  5. love these colors on you! you look springy and lovely! and you always give me a great chuckle!


  6. Gorgeous!! And it IS different sharing yourself virtually on line than with actual people!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

  7. Very spring-like and cute! I especially like the sash on the skirt :)

  8. Happy Mother's Day Jen!! I love green and white so very Spring !!!

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