Monday, January 31, 2011

Only 30 Spaces Available--Who Made the Cut?

Here are my 30 pieces for the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge from Kendi Everyday. What a brilliant idea Kendi had for her wardrobe, and how awesome that she shared this with us and have invited us along.

Six dresses
On its way. Gifted from Amber Lena
with Fashion Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire

Four skirts*

Nine tops#

Took pic before dropping off
at dry cleaners
Five cardis%

One pair of jeans, one pair of pants

My ninth top# and fifth cardi%. These were
the last articles of clothing to make the cut
leaving four more spots for footwear.

These items were in my Fall 30 and made the cut again:
1-This made an appearance later in my Fall 2010 and needs more blog love
5-Okay, this dress wasn't in my Fall 30, but its fraternal sister was
8-Makes a great bandeau
15-Great as a skirt
16-Great as a skirt
19-I want to do more with this
23-I only wanted one pair of jeans this time around and this one can be worn with any kind of footwear
24-I only wanted one pair of pants. I almost didn't choose these because they didn't get much wear in the fall. That's exactly why I chose them because I'm loving the paperbag-waisted look right now
27-Needed black flats for when my new heels start killing my feet
29-I wanted some dressy flats
30-My only pair of brown/tan heels

That's like 1/3 of the items for this challenge. Is that cheating because I know they work well? Or, does it prove that this challenge can help us to work with what's already in our closets? Believe it or not, I have not purchased a single article of clothing since I completed the Fall Challenge. Granted, I ended after most everyone, but considering I didn't shop since I began that challenge, I haven't purchased clothing for myself since the end of November! I have purchased accessories but not blouses, cardis, sweaters, pants, jeans, skirts, dresses . . . you get the picture. I've got about ten more hours in case I get a wild hair (my hair is always wild).

Tomorrow: Let's Get This Party Started!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

She's Crafty

Yesterday we went to the fabric store. Look at what we bought!

Okay, you can't really tell what we bought in this pic but I had to include it because Moses is such a good putty-tat. Not just because he's blocking the mess on the counter but because he is really sweet (and is on my lap right now).

And now for 15 things about me. Anne from WobiSobi tagged me. I asked her if I could use pics from her blog to post yesterday because I always want pics on my posts. I told her that I wanted them for when I referenced her while I listed 15 things yesterday. I didn't use that as a ruse for my Shout Out to her. I really had intended to list my 15 things. But, I hadn't thought of anything. Sure, I could have linked to my Seven Random Things from when I was tagged by Nancy with Pigglywinks, plus my seven things from my Stylish Blogger Award from Anne, and just added one more. However, I take each challenge individually and wanted to come up with 15 more things. I'm really not that interesting. I'm just random.

1) It rained on our wedding day
2) I had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies
3) I didn't find out if I was having a boy or girl with either
4) Our wagon and van are gold
5) My favorite color is green
6) I love to sing
7) We are planning to buy Pygmy goats as pets
8) I don't plan to color my hair when I go gray
9) I hope I follow my mom and don't go gray until I'm 60
10) If I go gray sooner, I want a stripe or something like Cruella DeVille
11) I'm only 4'11" but wear a size 7.5/8 shoe
12) I try do write my posts when I'm on the bus to/from work
13) I'm the youngest of four and the only girl
14) I was not spoiled growing up, in fact I got my first job around the same time my oldest brother who is nine years older than me got his
15) My parents spoil me now via my children

Now I'm supposed to tag five bloggers. I'm still getting to know the following bloggers and would like to learn more. In alphabetical order:

1) Amber Lena from Fashion Bargain Shopper Extraordinaire
2) Hope from Hope and the Dress Code
3) Laurel from Trophy Boutique
4) Lexie from Ready in Five
5) Tara from Mix and Match Fashion

I'll share what we made another time because this post is getting long.

Tomorrow: In My 30s

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Shout Out I: WobiSobi

So what's better than introducing a new feature yesterday? Introducing a new feature today as well! Saturday Shout Out will feature a blogger or bloggers for whatever reason. Perhaps during the week they had a post that was intriguing, left a comment that was fascinating, or wore an outfit that was stunning. Today I'm featuring Anne from WobiSobi. She is a DIYer extraordinaire!

I was going to feature the cuff bracelets she made earlier this week with a brown leather belt. Well, I waited too long to post today and when I went to her blog to borrow pictures (with her permission), I saw that she had gone and made more with this black belt. I told you, DIYer extraordinaire. She's going strong with Project ReStyle. So far I'm still on item #1 and the furthest I've gotten is taking a picture of my skirt.

She was also so kind as to join the Fashion Blog Flash Mob on Thursday. We were a trio, but a mighty one. Speaking of . . .

The next Flashion Mob is next Thursday. The costume is a black top and the pose is air guitar! Come link up with us (me?).

Tomorrow: Gettin' My Craft On and 15 Things

Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fix-It I: Forgotten Pics

I thought I'd start a new feature on Fridays called "Friday Fix-It". I'm often forgetting to mention something or include a picture, so this is where I'll do it. Of course, making this a feature implies that I will continue forgetting things. Well, considering I used to update my posts over-and-over again, it's not a wild assumption.

I forgot these pics yesterday


I forgot this pic last Friday

Tomorrow: Another New Feature

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fashion Blog Flash Mob--Act I Scene II "Singing in the Rain"

While we're setting the stage and the performers are still arriving, enjoy this video on YouTube which was my inspiration for the Fashion Blog Flash Mob aka Flashion Mob for the tongue-twister impaired.

And, here's a sneak peek at my umbrella:

And, here's a teaser about the outfit I'll wear*:

Augie: This one looks the best. You will look fancy. You will look like a famous person. If you wear this with this and this, you will look like a famous person.

Desi: How do you know?

Augie: Because I can picture it in my mind.

Desi: Maybe you're picturing a famous person.

Augie: I'm picturing mama.

*These are actual quotes. I was typing away as they were having the conversation.

Updated 10:20AM

So, do I look famous? Augie picked out
my top, belt and skirt last night which
is the "this with this and this".

Link up your umbrella-ella-ella hey hey hey pic.

Tomorrow: Fix-it Friday

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom?

Jen-in-a-Cube (Jewelscapes)

Is this shift almost over? (Jewelscapes)

Or, will it be a long shift? (Dazzle Finger)
Yes, I am wearing my Jewelscapes mother-of-pearl jewelry for the third straight Wednesday. Anything wrong with that? No worries, I have more Jewelscapes in the mail. Check out her 30% off deal and link up while you're at it. And, don't forget to enter her January giveaway.

• I thought I knew how to handle stress and remain calm, but I guess my growling at people says otherwise
• I need a vacation
• I should find the top part of my rotten apple phone case
• Will I leave work before 8pm tonight? (I don't get in until 9:45am, so don't feel too bad for me)
• I need a vacation
• Sleep is a luxury
• Sleep is possible. Blogging and responding to comments is a luxury
• I need a vacation.
• I forgot to include a picture of the earrings I'm wearing today
 • You will see a pic of the earrings on Friday during my new feature: "Fix-it Friday"
• No, I will not share pics of do-it-yourself home remodeling
• I need a vacation

Tomorrow: Time to Shine! (or Rain or Snow)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lots of Color, Little Height

Today I'm doing double blog feature duty. I'm linking up with the Color Brigade as well as revealing my Petite Fashion Challenge outfit. They go together well.

I like how CynthiaC has a tab specifically addressing the question "What is Petite?" despite the fact that she fits the fashion industry's definition as well as a general misconceived definition. I, on the other hand, don't fit the misconceived definition because I am not thin. But, I do fit the fashion industry's since I'm under 5'4" (4'11 1/4", thank you very much!), and that's all that matters, right? Thank you, CynthiaC, for looking out for your" full-figured" petite sisters!

I'm in the middle of asking Desi is he's
taking lots of shots

Don't forget: Thursday is the next "Fashion Blog Flash Mob" ("Flashion Mob" for the tongue-twister impaired) performance. The prop: umbrellas, rain or shine (or snow); open, closed or wind-blown inside-out. The pose: any!

Tomorrow: More Double-duty!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Ruffles and Ruffled Feathers

Today has been a Monday kind of Monday. Long hours at work again. Drama that I'm saving for my mama. Or is it from my mama? My pics are dark, but I don't care.

I don't wear this top much to work anymore because it's pretty casual and I'm trying to dress up more for work (so why did I wear jeans?). I thought if I belted it, it might dress it up a little?

Top: Old Navy - Belt: Romy - Jeans: Loft


I put my hair up after I saw what it looked like in the first round of pictures. I went out in the rain without an umbrella and without having sprayed my fabulous Kiehl's Weatherproof spray stuff. I came back with a puff of hair. Now it's a puff in a ball. Puffball.
And, now I'm outtie. >>Poof!<<

What was your favorite part of Monday? Mine will be 11:59:59. Or 23:59:59 if you so desire.

Tomorrow: Double-duty Again

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Five-Foot-Two (with Heels) and I'm Giggly, Wiggly

I've featured my new heels a few times and despite the fact that they kill my feet and are not conducive to running for the bus, I <3 them!

I thought I'd share a few things that I do when wearing heels that you may do as well, but others (especially of the male type) don't realize are part of the process.

• Walking around grates. It's not that women do this because they're afraid they'll fall in. It only took one instance of getting a stiletto stuck in a grate for me to start walking around them, even if it means hugging a wall.

• This is a textured strip in the bus tunnel. When I'm wearing heels, I often walk down this strip model style (foot in front of foot) so I don't slip. The rest of the floors are smooth which can translate to slippery. Although, I'm pretty sure there's a good layer of dirt that creates a nice buffer.

• I may wear flip-flops with a dressy or professional outfit while I'm commuting to work because again, heels are not easy to run in when you're 37 (speaking for myself not anyone else my age). I'll switch to my heels in the elevator or lobby.

How high are your tallest heels?

Tomorrow: New Week, New Item

Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Day is This?

I do know what day it is. It's Friday! Well, it's my second Friday. I'm currently on the bus to work on a Saturday morning (although by the time I've finished writing this and am ready to post, I will probably be on break at work or on the bus ride back to the P&R). Or asleep.

I thought I'd share my outfit from REAL Friday since today I dressed as grubbily as possible. We can wear jeans everyday at work if we want, so I had to do something to make today extra non-dressed up. Plus, I had crazy colors going on yesterday. I actually didn't dress according to my earrings. When I was looking at the mirror (and suddenly developed a craving for Gobstoppers), I realized that I had earrings to match. Augie was in the process of picking out a pair and I kind of swayed his decision. I probably shouldn't have because he may have picked something not so matchy-matchy.

My third Saturday of work this month. What keeps me going? The coffee running through my veins and the check avec OT as I pass the finish line and collapse. Money isn't everything, but knowing I can take my little family on a long weekend somewhere is worth a lot.

Don't forget, this Thursday is Fashion Blog Flash Mob--Umbrellas! As I mentioned Sunday, I'll probably have glitches to fix and squeaks to tweak on the FBFM. One thing I've decided to do is extend the 'Casting Call.' Instead of making the call the day before the performance, I'm announcing it the day of the current performance. That way aspiring performers can have time to practice and audition. (I'm such a dork) I hope you join or at least view the performance.

Tomorrow: Kick up Your Heels

Friday, January 21, 2011

Seven Things and the Award is Mine Free-and-Clear

First I would like to share pics that I forgot to include yesterday. 
Jen-in-a-Cube. Augie picked out these earrings. I thought he was going
to pick out something purple, but I'm the matchy-matchy
one. These are a nice complement. Too bad my hair is
black and I forgot to lighten up the picture. (Macy's)

I was hoping that if I pressed "Backspace," I could
have rewound my day on Thursday. (Dazzle Finger)

Anne with WobiSobi was so kind as to present me with a Stylish Blogger award a few days back. One final thing I need to do to claim the award from will-call is share seven things about me. I gave my acceptance speech and shared this award with others, but I didn't attend the backstage interview.

1) I've been married for 13 1/2 years
2) I was in labor with Desi for 20 1/2 hours and Augie for 13 1/2 (I know you really didn't want to know that but I'm such a boys' mama, I had to include something about them)
3) I'm not on Facebook or Twitter
4) I've been bitten by a pitbull (Ours. Well, my brother's)
5) I look like my dad's side of the family (though I have my mom's side's family mole)
6) I don't swear
7) I love to garden (that's a boring fact, but it's still a fact)

Now for the after-party!

Tomorrow: My Second Friday

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winner, Beginner, and Slimmer?

Killing my feet for killer shoes
 I won my first blog contest! Candid Classic held a contest for a $25 CSN gift certificate and I won! I will share what I purchase when it arrives. Check out their site because they have this, that, and the other thing. Check out Candid Classic as well!
Augie taking pic from the comfort of
his booster seat. See the van door?

Today A Taste of T started a new Thursday feature called "Thought Bubble Thursday." Come join, it's fun!

This is a dress that until today I thought was just so-so. I've even thought of donating it. As I studied it more, I realized that the sleeves and skirt give it a little '40s touch. I love that era of style! When I wear it people ask if I've lost weight. I haven't, but I guess the style and placement of the ribbon is deceiving and slimming? I'm not trying to deceive you, my dress is. Bad dress! No, good dress!

Tomorrow: Seven More Random Things and More

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pearls and T

I look bloated. Must be that box of salt
I digested. (Not really)



(I totally lost my whole post copy and I can't rewrite it right now. I will do so later, maybe tomorrow. Argh!)

(addendum 8:45pm PST. Just got off work. OT, baby!)
I couldn't resist wearing my new-ish Jewelscapes mother-of-pearl necklace again, especially since I'm linking up today. Perhaps it's time to browse her Etsy shop again! This time I wore it just wrapped once with a short and long strand. I wanted to wear the length of it but 4'11" = short torso.

Make sure to check out her January giveaway!

I'm also linking to A Taste of T's "What's on Your Mind Wednesday?".

• Multi-tasking is a professional way to say juggling. Juggling is a more fun word. If you juggle for a living then want do you call it?

• OT is tiring until you realize the extra $$ you're making.

• Two fillings becoming a filling and a root canal yesterday was a surprise but not too bad.

• Having double dental insurance coverage is nice until you realize it's January and you're probably close to the max already.

• I like cheese
Tomorrow: Wild Card

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Skirt with Two Faces

Today I'm linking up with the Color Brigade

I love this peacock-inspired design

But what's this? A different design on back? That's when
I knew this skirt was for me. It's a little wacky.

The Desi

The Desi encore

Jen-in-a-Cube. Augie picked out my accessories today.
Warning: I'm out of control. The End.

Tomorrow: Jewelscapes Linky Party