X + Y = A Baby Boy

NO, I am not pregnant! These letters of the A to Z Challenge lent themselves to this title. Although, if I were pregnant, I would probably be expecting a boy. I know how it all works, but something about being the only granddaughter (born) of 12 grandchildren on my dad's side makes me think that. I think there are 7 or 8 great-grandsons? Not sure of great-granddaughters. One or two? I'm bad. I should know this.

X is for xhilaration

(Ah, sepia! Finally using other features of my photo app) Sundress as skirt (Romy) - Chevron-striped top, xhilaration (Target) - Zipper-bow flats, Report (Nordstrom Rack)

It may not be a high-end Couture designer label, but I think most style bloggers recognize xhilaration as a brand from Target. Tarzhay if you so desire.

The Augie

Y is for Yellow Gold

This one stumped me. Eh, yellow gold works. I thought of Yigal Azrouel as well. I just discovered this designer but I don't know much about him. See, it could even be a her. Let me Google . . . I was correct the first time. And, his last name has an umlaut on the 'e'.

Okay, Y is for Yigal Azrouƫl
Check out his site. He has very wearable designs.

Good night! Gotta catch some Zs. Z ya in the morning! (Did I really just say that? Trying to be punny?)


  1. I love Yigal Azrouel but unfortunately, there's no Target in Canada (no Tarzhay in Quebec, either).

  2. Jen don't stop, I love it when you're punny, honey (k I just grossed myself out there). I think your x + y was super clever if not pregnantly misleading for a half a moment..


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