E is for Euphorbia

When I was thinking about an "E" word that fits my theme of gardening for the A to Z challenge, Euphorbia popped into my head. And in my half-asleepedness at that! Not an obvious choice considering it's not phonetic with the silent "E" (and the word phonetic isn't phonetic!). My friend mentioned Euphorbia recently so that has to be why.

My Euphorbia in need of some trimming

Another angle

Up close and personal

I had poor sick little Desi take pictures of me next to the Euphorbia. Don't worry, I didn't drag him out specifically to do it. I dragged him out to pick up Augie from school. My gut decided to take the spotlight in the pictures and I couldn't be shown up like that. So, no pic of me. Don't worry, I haven't changed the main theme of my blog. I just get sidetracked with challenges.

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  1. I love reading you A to Z posts... but I have been busy with school so I wasn't able to comment on your posts!!
    =) Good job and can't wait to see the whole list!

  2. Thanks for stopping by and following! I was number 99 on your GFC! I am now following you.

  3. I bought my first plants of the season today. I of course rescued some sad little things off the clearance rack at Lowes. :) I'm having fun reading your A-Zs!!


  4. Euphori-what? Never heard of it, until now. :-)

  5. I have never heard of that plant, interesting! Is the whole alphabet challenge about plants?

  6. Oh Jen, you are so funny. You always crack me up. I wish I had a green thumb, but I somehow manage to kill every plant that steps into my house.


  7. Loving the flower posts I love flowers, I hope Desi is feeling better!! Hugs Anne

  8. Nice pictures, and I love reading your posts!
    and I also love your sidebars, how do you do those?

    Well anyway, come take a look at my blog, and we could follow each other.



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