Do you know STU?

STU isn't a person (although there may be Stuarts who go by Stu). S, T, and U are my catch up letters for the A to Z challenge.

S is for Stirrups
I wore stirrups on Friday but didn't take a picture. This is why I didn't post on Friday. So S is also for "Sorry!". I thought I'd temporarily put on the same outfit on Saturday to take a pic but I didn't. So I thought I'd combine S & T because I always want a picture in my post. I decided to add U to the mix because it made for a better title.

T is for Ties
My hubby and boys wear ties a few times a week. My husband took off his tie too quickly so I didn't get a pic. I should have done it when he first put it on. When I told him I needed to take a pic of him in his tie, he asked if I wasn't sure I was going to do 'tights' or 'tube socks' as my "T" word. I actually had thought of doing tights but I forgot. And, I have some cute tights, too!

The boys tie their own ties



Maybe about 60% of my hubby's ties? I should have taken close ups of my faves.

U is for Undergarments
Yeah, I said it. But I'm not showing it. I've seen bandeau bras more lately and I want one or two. They help solve the issue of straps. I wouldn't wear them all the time, just when I wear boatnecks, spaghetti straps, and whatever other top calls for it.

I should do V & W together on Wednesday since we have a VW Jetta Wagon. We'll see. Since we're nearing the end of the alphabet that means we're nearing the end of this challenge. Next Monday I will bring back Monday Match-up and I'm quite sure it'll be a Want (but Don't Need) List.


  1. I love this A to Z thing! I love the idea of boys in ties it's so classy!


  2. Fabulous idea, and thanks for stopping by my blog! :)


  3. Those bras sound interesting...but I fear my boobs would just pop out of them

  4. you are fun!! hope you are having a super day!! xo oJ

  5. Funny you should mention strapless bras. I'm trying to find those fancy bra strap thingys that attach onto any bra so you can show your strap and not feel like a teenager...

  6. i want a bandeau too! thanks for the lovely comment and entering my giveaway! you're adorable! i love your style

  7. I missed the challenge until now since I just discovered your blog, but it's a pretty brilliant idea. V for vest and W for... Hmm, I've got nothing.

  8. Wow - that's a lot of ties!!

    Aside from bandeaus, I'm also a big fan of the bralet. It's kind of like a cropped camisole that only covers your bust. Very convenient when you want some more coverage without wearing an entire shirt underneath :)

  9. This alphabet challenge is so impressive. Great job! And too funny about the "S" being for "Sorry". Ha!

  10. Love all the ties! I think Jared has 5 lol.

  11. Cute ties! Crazy how men have so many, bit like women with shoes :~) <3

  12. fabulous ties collection!!! :D great blog honey! I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



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  14. Love your blog, too darn cute. The way you dress is wonderful. I'm short too, so I'm thinking I need to get some fabulous fashion tips from you.


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