Monday Match Up III: C is for . . .

Challenges! Okay, that's not my "C". In sticking with my garden theme for the first part of the A to Z challenge and with continuing my "Monday Match Up" feature, my "C" is for . . .

Cut flowers--I'm striving to build a garden that will enable me to make lots of bouquets for friends and family. Problem is I hesitate about cutting flowers from my garden because they add beauty to the garden and in essence make the garden one big bouquet. I need to learn to share. And, I need way more long stemmed floriferous plants in my garden.

Same pic as from Friday. I did end up cutting two daffodils that Augie picked out to give to our friend Ann.

Okay, the blog challenge police might say that my word is "cut" since that's the one that starts with "C", so I should talk about cuts. Good thing there is no blog challenge police (but big brother is always watching).

If you have a post featuring/discussing cut flowers, or are doing the A to Z challenge and have stopped by from the list, link up your "Match Up" post below.


  1. I'm a terrible gardener, as the state of my back garden would attest. I'd never dream of cutting a flower, as I would no doubt cut in the wrong place and kil the entire plant.

    Lovely looking blog! And thanks for commenting on mine. :)

  2. I wish my little girly had the same problem as you... she loves to pull out ALL the flowers in our yard. And I feel so bad because I want to tell her not to but then she runs up to me and says, "flower for mama." And it's just so darn cute!

  3. haha, actually dandelions are her favorites to pick! she loves to blow them and create more weeds for others to enjoy!

  4. So pretty! I agree about no A to Z police. I'm already running out of ideas and we're 3 days in, lol.

    Have a great day!
    A Helicopter Mom

  5. Beautiful flowers! I'd love to have my own garden someday.. hopefully I inherited my mom's green thumb! Lol.

    It's cool to meet another Seattle blogger :D

    & Don't worry about the email slip up! It's all good. I just made people do that because I didn't want to scramble to find their email. I saw that your email is available on your profile, so you're all set though! (: Goodluck!

  6. Oh I know what you mean! Do you want pretty flowers outdoors or in? Thankfully daffodils tend to keep growing back during the season no matter how much you cut them!

    Are you going to join in One Day Without Shoes virtually Jenn?

  7. Beautiful flowers! I love daffodils, they always brighten my day. Just seeming them lifts my mood :)

  8. Ooh beautiful flowers. I think it's a great sentiment, and I'm sure you want to also enjoy the flowers too.


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