B is for Bulbs

As in plant bulbs, not lightbulbs. Nor turkey baster bulbs.

These are either hyacinth bulbs or tulip bulbs. Last year was the first time I planted tulips.

The bulb on the right is an allium, the ones on the left may be as well. I need to get rid of those pop weeds.

I was going to fly by the seat of my pants this whole challenge. Well, I still plan to come up with my word daily, but I've decided to stick to a theme--at least for the first part of this challenge. My theme: Gardening. You've probably figured that out.

I like bulbs since the greenshoots are usually the first signs of spring. I tend to have a cottage garden so I don't usually know where my bulbs are. Sometimes I accidentally dig them up and move them because I've picked out their spot for a new plant. Unfortunately I think I've lost some alliums (which I love) along the way. They're like little pom pons. This may be the year I get some globe aliums. Stay tuned!

Come back Monday for "C". Sunday is a a day of rest for this challenge which works because April is a busy month for me. Of course, I could do a non-challenge post on Sundays, but I also can not do a post. So . . . see you Monday :D


  1. Bulbs! I love it. They make me happy, especially the hyacinth and tulips.

  2. Love gardening! Thanks for following:) I am your newest follower. Happy Sunday!

  3. Bulbs are wonderful! Very little to do to keep them up, thankfully. I tend to inadvertently kill plants, unless they're herbs. I do love my herb garden. Other than that, I stick to plastic ones. :-P I've given you a follow back, too!

    xoxo Sarah

  4. We worked in the yard all weekend. Looks great but I need a nap, or an early night, or something.


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