L is for Lavender

My hubby and I were listing garden-themed "L" words last night and came up with a few. I ended up choosing lavender because I always want to include a picture in my posts, and it's one of which I can take a picture since I have it in my garden. I wouldn't say I settled for it because it is quite wonderful. It smells pretty, looks lovely (especially when in bloom), and has a nice calming effect. Are you sold?

The blooms aren't at their peak

A little closer. Can you smell it?

Come back tomorrow for "M", the last letter of the garden theme. For the second half of the alphabet I will switch to a new theme--fashion! After all, the main theme of my blog is fashion. I just get sidetracked with challenges of all sorts. What do you expect of someone who is wishy-washy, indecisive . . . someone who hems and haws?!?


  1. You know what's weird? Lavender makes me nauseous. But it's pretty!

  2. I've always wanted big giant lavander bushes in my yard. too bad I live in Texas. They are tiny patches right now....

  3. lavender always smells fabulous! my daughters have the greatest body wash with a lavender scent that i love!

    i tagged you on my blog. so if you feel like it, check it out and participate. but no pressure. have a great weekend!

    Claire @

  4. I loooove lavender - always reminds me of my Mom's garden. I can imagine the scent as I type this. :)


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